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Triple Shot Six-Pack


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Tasting Notes

Slightly roasty and smooth with the taste of caramel, creamy cashew and red delicious apple.


Traditional Italian Espresso for the Modern Coffee Drinker

Our Chilled Espressos celebrate our love of travel and traditional Italian espresso culture. Crafted by Baristas in a way only Slingshot can, we brew classic dark roast coffees that perfectly balance bold and flavor.

Our Triple Shot is a triple shot of Italian espresso blended with specially mineralized water. A nod to a classic Americano -- or "Lungo" -- here's to bold flavor that lingers a little longer.

No refrigeration required.

Features & Ingredients
Brewing Method: Pressure Extraction to mimic a traditional espresso machine
Caffeine: Approx. 120mg per serving
Coffee Origin: Nicaragua
Ingredients: Filtered water, 100% organic, direct trade coffee
Shelf Life: (unopened): 12 months 
Storage: Pantry or Fridge (no refrigeration required)